05 Jul 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Christians Against Poverty has released a briefing paper ‘Powerless people: indebted and afraid‘ exploring the experience of people being indebted to the government and how debt collection processes create fear, leave clients powerless and render debts unmanageable.

A few key findings from the paper are as follows:

  • 64% live below the poverty line and 55% have mental ill-health
  • 69% had skipped meals due to debt and 46% were unable to afford toiletries and hygiene products
  • They are 81% more likely to have been afraid to leave the house and 41% more likely to have considered suicide as a way out of debt
  • The most common types of debt are Council Tax arrears, Social Fund Budgeting Loans and benefit or tax credit overpayments, and more than half (54%) have owed multiple types.

To find out more, read the full briefing paper here.


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