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August 2018

Nationwide research: Four in ten live on under £6.60 a day after bills

31 Aug 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Nationwide research shows Brits are tightening their belts as research reveals the rising cost of living is beginning to bite, forcing many to slash spending. Two thirds of Brits are slashing spending as rising cost of living begins to squeeze finances Most finding it harder to survive financially today versus five years ago, new poll reveals […]

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Providers of debt advice warn of funding crisis

24 Aug 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Two of the UK’s biggest organisations offering advice to consumers on how to manage their debts have warned they do not have the resources to cope with the growing wave of people in trouble. UK consumer debt levels have now surpassed those seen before the financial crisis, and official figures suggest that over 2m people […]

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Citizens Advice report: People in the UK have £19 billion of hidden debt

21 Aug 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

In 2017–18, Citizens Advice helped over 600,000 people with debt problems relating to household bills, such as council tax, water and electricity. That’s nearly double the number of problems Citizens Advice supported people with when compared to credit debts, such as credit cards and overdrafts. Despite that, household bill debts get far less attention from […]

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FCA collaborates with other regulators to form Global Financial Innovation Network

09 Aug 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has teamed up with 11 other regulators to form a “global sandbox”, where new ideas can be tested and adapted. The network will seek to provide a more efficient way for innovative firms to interact with regulators, helping them navigate between countries as they look to scale new ideas. It […]

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