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The Money Advice Liaison Group (known as MALG), formed in 1987, is a not-for-profit UK membership organisation whose purpose is to galvanise organisations to ‘work together to improve the lives of people with problem debt’. We do not provide money advice – see our list of members for some organisations that do.

MALG is the ‘missing link’ that ties together all the threads of the customer journey from the prevention to the cure of problem debt. We do this by acting as a thought leader, facilitator and accelerator of change, creating an open, non-judgemental, and dedicated forum for discussion, best practice, and joint action.

Because MALG has no commercial, regulatory, or political agenda, we are uniquely placed to proactively seek ‘game changing’ solutions because we do not have to wait for a steer from regulators/Government before reacting to our members’ challenges. We believe that to really improve the lives of people with problem debt in the UK, we must professionalise, modernise, and revolutionise money advice and the relationship between advisers and creditors.

MALG events and membership

Through our national and regional member meetings and conferences, we aim to disrupt and challenge members to do things differently, bringing new perspectives from outside the sector. MALG is there to tackle the issues that no-one else wants to talk about; not just discuss the issues of the day.

MALG membership now includes representatives from a diverse range of public, private and third sector organisations, all of which have an interest in matters relating to personal debt.

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