07 Oct 2021 | Posted In Bob's Blog (MALG updates)

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MALG Conference 2021 – outline programme

The MALG Conference, which will be held at No.11 Cavendish Square in London on 28 October 2021, is three weeks today!

With an overall focus on ‘Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion’, we are pleased to unveil more details on the programme content which will include sessions on grants vs loans, identifying and supporting vulnerable customers in a digital landscape, the future of financial services and the money advice sector, debt options, non-inclusive language in tech and cybersecurity, and mental health & wellbeing. See the full outline here – more speaker details coming soon!

Thanks again to our headline sponsor Intrum, other sponsors Dukes BailiffsLanternBristow & SutorFinancial Wellness Group, CDER Group, and Lester Aldridge, and exhibitors IntrumBristow & SutorExperianentitledtoFinancial Wellness GroupTV Licensing, CDER Group, Vulnerability Registration Service, ACM Solutions/AdvicePro, Money and Pensions Service, Citizens Advice, Policy in PracticeCACI and Money Advice Trust. Should you feel your organisation would benefit from either a sponsorship package or an exhibition stand, please contact bob.winnington@malg.org.uk to discuss in more detail.

Find out more and book your place now!


MALG National Members Meeting 16 September 2021 – papers now available

Thanks to all those who attended the MALG National Members Meeting on 16 September 2021 and to our fantastic speakers Robert Kelly, CEO of ABCUL, Cath Wohlers, LIAISE Manager at England Illegal Money Lending Team, and Lou Yates, CEO of Trustfolio Limited. Papers and presentations are now available for all National MALG Members (whether you were able to attend or not) via the password-protected page on our website. If you aren’t able to access them, please email info@malg.org.uk 

We have set the dates for our National Members Meetings in 2022. We are planning to hold virtual meetings on 3 February and 13 September via Zoom and face-to-face meetings on 12 May and 14 JulyWe will update you on the venue details in due course.


MALG Members Friday Forum update

The MALG Members Friday Forum, which is a fortnightly drop-in discussion session set up in response to the pandemic, is still going strong. Amin Aboushagor’s presentation from the National Inclusion Week themed session last week can be found on the password-protected MALG Friday Forum Zoom link page on our website.

Full details about the Friday Forum can be found here.


Vulnerability Registration Service Data Protection virtual event

We once again supported MALG Member the Vulnerability Registration Service with the hosting of their latest event yesterday. These events are extremely well attended with up to 200 registered attendees. Remember if you need support hosting virtual events, MALG Members receive a discount for these services. Contact us on info@malg.org.uk to find out more.

MALG Regional Meetings update

MALG Regional Group Meetings are still being held via Zoom and we have found these to be very well attended. Remember, if you are a National Member, you have access to some or all of the regional groups so please take advantage of this membership benefit.

Please note that the MALG North East & Yorkshire meeting scheduled for 6 October will no longer be taking place following the recent restructuring of the steering committee. We will keep you informed by email and on the MALG website with details of the next one which should be in person on 9 December 2021. The next MALG East Anglia Meeting is tomorrow (7 October) and will be all about ‘Building a Better Future’ in the region.

Details of all upcoming regional meetings can be found at www.malg.org.uk/events.

If you aren’t currently being invited to regional meetings and think you should be/want to be, please contact the relevant regional secretary: