10 May 2024 | Posted In Money advice news

Impact on Urban Health is working with Clear Consultancy Services to explore how energy companies could address problem debt by understanding the experiences of people in arrears.

The work will also look at how debt advice services are being affected by the increased need for them. Clear Consultancy Services will assess the energy sectors’ contributions to debt advice in comparison to other service providers.  Using this evidence, Impact on Urban Health will establish what a fairer funding model could be and how it could be delivered.

Consultants Craig Simmons and Francis McGee (who both sit on the Board of the Money Advice Liaison Group) are leading the work, bringing their extensive experience in the government, debt advice and creditor sectors. From mid-2024 onwards, they will be working with organisations across the debt advice and energy sectors, who see the effects of problem debt on health at the front line, to test and refine solutions to this issue. Insight from expert voices in the debt advice sector, energy sector, and bodies that work with the two sectors will be incorporated into the work, as well as the views of consumers.

Impact on Urban Health is calling on the debt advice sector, the energy sector, and other interested bodies to contribute to this project and work together to ensure that people who need it most can get free and impartial debt advice, improving their finances and their health.

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