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Northumbrian Water Limited / Essex and Suffolk Water Limited

12 Oct 2021 | Posted In

We provide water and sewerage services in the north east of England. In the south east of England, we trade as ‘Essex and Suffolk Water’ in the supply of water services only.

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Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd

07 Oct 2021 | Posted In

Excel Civil Enforcement delivers outstanding enforcement, collection, training, qualifications and associated services to local authorities and central government departments with 100% employed certificated enforcement agents.

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Trustfolio Ltd

09 Sep 2021 | Posted In

Trustfolio is a ‘debt-tech’ collective with a mission to enable better debt solutions and advice. It acquired the TIPTrust Debt Adviser Support Portal in January 2022 and offers other tech solutions for creditors, debt solutions providers, and regulators.

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Credit Resource Solutions

17 Feb 2021 | Posted In

Provide technology driven credit management Solutions. Engaging with clients and customers in a compliant, compassionate, and simple manner, encouraging self service to get it sorted.

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Court Enforcement Services

27 Jan 2021 | Posted In

Bringing a fresh and modern customer-focused approach to the court enforcement sector in the UK.

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