05 May 2023 | Posted In Money advice news

Energy regulator Ofgem has published a consultation on its framework for consumer standards and policy options to address priority customer service issues.

With many consumers struggling with their bills, it is more critical than ever that energy suppliers provide good service to their consumers. Building on the existing rules and the outcomes from its Market Compliance Reviews, Ofgem is considering the need to develop and implement reforms to drive up standards for all consumers. It is asking for input from consumers, energy suppliers, consumer groups and charities on:

a) An overarching consumer standards framework that sets out how Ofgem regulates to raise consumers standards including the balance between prescription and outcome-based regulation and how it will use this to address the key customer service issues that are prevalent;

b) Proposals for specific improvements Ofgem could make to the existing rules to help consumers get better outcomes this winter in priority areas and;

c) How Ofgem can continue to most effectively monitor and track consumer standards issue going forwards.

Responses should be submitted by 31 May 2023. Find out more here.