02 Aug 2023 | Posted In Money advice news

New analysis by Policy in Practice has found that the total amount of unclaimed income-related benefits and social tariffs is now £18.7 billion a year. They estimate that £7.5 billion of Universal Credit is unclaimed by 1.2 million eligible households and £2.9 billion of Council Tax Support is unclaimed by over 2.7 million eligible households each year.

  • £7.5 billion of Universal Credit goes unclaimed by 1.2 million eligible households. Caseload take up varies between 70% and 90% for national means tested benefits.
  • Take up is lower for locally administered benefits. Council Tax Support is the most underclaimed, with 2.7 million people missing out on £2.8 billion of support.
  • Social tariffs are also significantly underclaimed. Broadband social tariffs have the lowest take up, with 97% of eligible households missing out on the tariffs. People on means tested benefits should check for eligibility with their utility providers.

Read the full report: Missing out: £19 billion of support goes unclaimed every year.