10 Jan 2024 | Posted In Money advice news

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) is now consulting on proposals for the delivery of its debt advice strategy. It is seeking feedback on the proposals laid out and wants to hear alternative proposals or ideas that it could take forward.

Organisations and individuals involved in delivering debt advice, organisations that support debt advice, organisations that refer their clients and customers into debt advice, organisations that fund debt advice and other interested stakeholders, are invited to give their views.

In 2021/22 MaPS undertook a major commissioning exercise for debt advice. Following this exercise, MaPS committed to carrying out a public consultation to help shape its future strategic approach to debt advice and help it understand the best ways to commission national and locally based services over the longer-term. The consultation sets out MaPS’ approach to debt advice up to 2028 and explores how it interprets MaPS’ remit in relation to debt advice and the role that it could take in working with the wider debt sector on some key issues and challenges.

The consultation is focused on the role that MaPS could play within the sector (prioritising activities according to the budget MaPS receives) to deliver on its statutory remit. It does not set out or seek views on:

  • the appropriateness of MaPS’s statutory remit
  • the MaPS standards and the quality assurance framework for our funded services
  • what the overall level of debt advice capacity should be
  • how much funding should be available for debt advice (through MaPS or other sources)
  • what the sources of funding for debt advice should be.

In addition to receiving written feedback, there will be events taking place between January and April 2024 to explore ideas in more depth and share feedback through these events. More information on these events will be released in due course.

The closing date for responses to the consultation is 3 April 2024 and more details can be found here.