14 Mar 2017 | Posted In Money advice news

Money Advice Liaison Group members The Money Advice Trust, AdviceUK, Christian’s Against Poverty, Citizens Advice and StepChange have launched a new campaign for bailiff reform called ‘Taking Control’.

Despite the April 2014 reforms, debt advice charities continue to receive reports of widespread problems with the behaviour of bailiffs and bailiff firms.

The ‘Taking Control’ report makes seven key recommendations to the Ministry of Justice in its review of the 2014 reforms, which it is believed will tackle the continued problems. The report also includes recommendations for how local authorities can do more to ensure that bailiffs are only ever used as a last resort.

This is the first time that these seven charities have all worked together in such a coordinated way on a public policy issue.

Visit https://www.bailiffreform.org/ to find out more.