03 Apr 2017 | Posted In Bob's Blog (MALG updates)

The Money Advice Liaison Group’s (MALG) Executive Officer Bob Winnington has been interviewed for an article in UKAR’s Arena magazine. The article entitled ‘MALG – 30 years of working together to improve the lives of people in debt’ summarises the changes that Bob and the team are making to bring a renewed focus to the organisation in its 30th anniversary year.
UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) is the holding company for Bradford & Bingley and NRAM established to facilitate the orderly management of closed mortgage books to maximize value for taxpayers. Its Arena magazine is designed to engage with the debt advice community.

In the article, Bob is quoted as saying: “We’ve been working closely with members and industry leaders to help the organisation evolve, pulling together all the threads of the money advice journey with initiatives such as the introduction of a national business membership. We want to push the boundaries a little, to disturb traditional ways of doing things and thinking to galvanise real, lasting change.”

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