03 Jun 2020 | Posted In Money advice news

The Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) has been in close contact with the government throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The Ministry of Justice was appreciative of its guidance to members and its proactive response to the lockdown.

There is not yet a date for enforcement activity to resume or when the Taking Control of Goods amending regulations will be revoked. However, it will be essential for government to collect its unpaid debt and CIVEA has been asked to take the lead on a plan that will enable agents to help the government to recover outstanding debt responsibly and safely.

Having consulted the Ministry of Justice, other government departments and key trade associations, CIVEA has now published a Post-lockdown Support Plan as a way forward for its members. It acknowledges that the enforcement sector will experience a higher incidence of vulnerability and need a phased, light-touch approach to enforcement activity.

Download a summary of the plan here.