24 Jan 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Citizens Advice have published a research report on the life-changing effects problem gambling can have on the families, friends and work colleagues of the gambler – from increased debt to family breakdown.


The research involved an online survey of around 1,500 self-selecting problem gamblers and affected others, as well as more than 30 in-depth interviews with both problem gamblers and affected others. The report looks at:


  • The impact of gambling related harm on gamblers and affected others – the partners/ex-partners, relatives, friends, children and work colleagues
  • The contributing factors to gambling becoming a problem
  • The effectiveness of tools to control problem gambling
  • Support services


We are using the findings of the report to respond to the government’s consultation on proposals for changes to Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures.


There are a number of recommendations aimed at banks and other creditors.  These are:


  • Banks and creditors should provide training to their staff so that they feel more comfortable talking to customers about gambling addiction.
  • Banks and credit card companies should investigate how they can use their data to identify the signs of problem gambling and signpost their customers to support.
  • Where appropriate, creditors should allow their customers more flexibility to restrict gambling transactions and reduce lines of credit.

Read the full report here.