13 Mar 2024 | Posted In Money advice news

Christians Against Poverty has launched its latest research in partnership with the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University. ‘Pushed under, pushed out’ explores the link between debt, poverty and living standards. The report uses the Minimum Income Standard (MIS) as a benchmark.

According to the latest YouGov polling, 29% of UK adults (15.6m people) said that keeping up with repayments and interest payments feels like a heavy burden/somewhat of a burden. Almost one in ten (9%) of UK adults (4.7m people) are using credit mainly to pay for monthly bills.

This report answers questions like; Does the type of debt you have put you at great risk of falling below MIS? Is there a tipping point in the level of debt repayments that increases your likelihood of falling below MIS? What level or type of debt causes someone to have it feel like a burden?

Click here to read the report.