24 May 2024 | Posted In Money advice news

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has published its 2024 Client Report entitled: ‘Under the Rubble of Debt and Poverty: Removing the barriers that prevent us from living life to the full’.

It finds that, in the last 12 months, there has been an alarming rise in reliance on credit to survive — three fifths of those who responded to the survey had to borrow money to pay their bills. Deficit budgets form the biggest reason for a call for help, both the amount that CAP sees daily, and the depth of the deficit are described as “distressingly prevalent”.

CAP sees close partnership with the industry as the only real way to make a difference and defuse the ‘ticking time bomb of debt’.

The report is divided into three key parts:

  • Part I: The collapse: what causes people to become trapped in debt?

  • Part II: Crushed under the weight: The impact of debt

  • Part III: A helping hand to clear the rubble

Read it here.