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The Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) does not provide money advice – see our list of members for some organisations that do.

On top of regular blogs, discussion items and industry news (see latest), MALG periodically issues briefing notes and guidelines for members and the wider industry covering important issues relating to credit and personal debt.

Briefing notes and guidelines

A MALG briefing note is issued when a matter of serious concern arises within the industry or important changes occur within legislation or practice that it is believed will affect MALG members. Briefing notes are completely impartial and aim to only state the facts of the situation that have arisen.

To date the following briefing notes have been released by MALG:

In 2015, we also published mental health and debt guidelines. There is a section on this website with further information about the guidelines and supporting documents including the Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form (DMHEF).

Other recent guidelines that MALG has been involved in the publication of include the University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre’s Vulnerability: A guide for debt collection – 21 questions, 21 steps and Vulnerability: A guide for Lending, and the Money Advice Service’s Working Collaboratively with Debt Advice Agencies toolkit for creditors.


We also share details of the latest money advice-related tools with our members. MALG does not endorse these tools; this is purely for information purposes and members should test and decide on their appropriateness for use by their specific organisation.

Recent tools to be launched include the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS).