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Lending Works chooses Credit Kudos to power new Open Banking initiative

19 Feb 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Credit Kudos and Lending Works have announced a partnership that creates one of the first commercial applications of the new Open Banking standard, empowering customers to instantly verify income in support of loan applications. Credit Kudos, a challenger credit bureau, and Lending Works, a fast-growing peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, are partnering to enable customers to […]

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Report from Resolution Foundation: An unhealthy interest? Debt distress and the consequences of raising rates

14 Feb 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Resolution Foundation have published a report highlighting the growing problem of UK household debt.   Debt Standing at nearly £1.9 trillion, UK household debt remains a big issue. It is one that has very real and very obvious relevance for those families having to meet repayment commitments. But it is one that has macroeconomic implications […]

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Citizens Advice report: Out of Luck – An exploration of the causes and impacts of problem gambling

24 Jan 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Citizens Advice have published a research report on the life-changing effects problem gambling can have on the families, friends and work colleagues of the gambler – from increased debt to family breakdown.   The research involved an online survey of around 1,500 self-selecting problem gamblers and affected others, as well as more than 30 in-depth […]

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The Money Advice Service report: Debt advice economic benefits to society of up to £960m in the UK

18 Jan 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

Today the Money Advice Service has published The Economic Impact of Debt Advice, a report that demonstrates a financial return of up to £960m per year to the UK economy.  This is in the context of an estimated £150m and £200m total annual investment in debt advice.   The research, undertaken by Europe Economics, builds on […]

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The Money Advice Service report: Young Adults and Money Management

17 Jan 2018 | Posted In Money advice news

The Money Advice Service’s report into Young Adults and Money Management: behaviours, attitudes and useful rules of thumb looks at how young adults transitioning from education into the workforce think about money, and its role in how they feel about their lives – it is viewed as an essential part of reaching their aspirations. The […]

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