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Which? reports bank overdraft charges are higher than payday lenders

08 Feb 2017 | Posted In Money advice news

Research published today by Which? has highlighted that customers  accessing unauthorised overdrafts can face charges seven times higher than the cost of borrowing from a payday lender. The report also found that it’s often the most vulnerable customers that are hit the hardest. Read Rachel Reeves MP’s summary of the findings here.

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Bob’s Blog: MALG is looking for a new Secretary

06 Feb 2017 | Posted In Bob's Blog (MALG updates)

Following the announcement of our 2017 conference date and venue, we have some sadder news. MALG’s secretary Maria Wadsworth, who has been supporting the organisation in this capacity for the past 12 months, is planning to set sail (quite literally!) and will be leaving us in April. I’m sure all of you who have dealt […]

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Recognising Problem Gambling and what to do about it – practical tips for money advisers

06 Feb 2017 | Posted In Thought leadership

Dr Jane Rigbye, Director of Commissioning, Treatment and Harm Minimisation at GambleAware, spoke at the MALG Members Meeting last month (January 2017), offering practical tips on what money advisers can do to recognise and help deal with problem gambling. Here is a summary of what she presented: The vast majority of MALG members will have […]

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Royal London study into impact of regular monitoring on household spending and saving

06 Feb 2017 | Posted In Money advice news

Royal London has published a new report ‘Looking after the pennies’. It is a study of the impact of regular monitoring on household spending and saving, which looks at whether budgeting tools could help people manage their money better. 19 million people in the UK don’t have an approach to budgeting they feel works and […]

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Advice Services Alliance Launches Key Advice Quality Standard

31 Jan 2017 | Posted In Money advice news

The Advice Services Alliance (ASA) launched a new revised Advice Quality Standard, at an important Parliamentary event chaired by Yvonne Fovargue MP today. The new Advice Quality Standard builds on the increasingly high standards in the sector in advising clients on how to use the law to challenge decisions made against them and to ensure […]

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