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Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) Conference 2017 speakers confirmed so far…

Dr Emma Stone

Emma is a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, and leads the Policy and Research department. Her work is focused on developing and using evidence from research and experience to inform, influence and inspire social change in the UK – with a strong strategic focus on solving poverty. Emma began her JRF career in 1998, managing programmes on disability, and then on immigration and inclusion.

She will deliver a keynote presentation at the MALG Conference 2017 on ‘solving poverty by re-thinking markets and growth’. She says: “I am not an economist or financial markets analyst but the economy and markets are all about people.”

Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis is joint Managing Director of Abundance, the first regulated debt crowdfunding company in the UK. He is an anthropologist with a creative drive that helped create the world’s first peer to peer lender Zopa in 2004, as well as products and innovations for most of the UK leading banks and building societies. Bruce is a founding director of the UK Crowdfunding Association, Visiting Research Fellow at the Bauman Institute, Leeds University, and a member of HM Treasury’s Green Finance Taskforce.

Bruce gained an MA from the University of Cambridge and has since worked for companies large and small on branding, innovation and research. He has worked in many countries around the world, developing insights into the social life of money and its impact on everyday life.

Bruce was previously Non-Executive Director of the Move Your Money campaign and is also a Trustee of The Finance Innovation Lab. He will be delivering a keynote speech at the MALG Conference 2017 on ‘transforming our global financial system’ which will get delegates thinking differently about all the pieces of the puzzle of money advice and how financial services can be more people-centric.

Mitch Armstrong

Mitch is Director of Sales & Marketing, EMEA at Telrock. He has over 20 years of experience in the payments and cards industry. He brings wide experience in all aspects of the industry from consumer, merchant retail through to corporates. He is passionate about the disruption in the market place and the opportunity afforded by digital technologies to revolutionise customer service.
Prior to joining Telrock, Mitch held leadership positions with CMGi, Euronet and ACIworldwide where he most recently served as Vice President and Head of Transaction Banking, EMEA. He has delivered solutions to Issuing Banks, Lenders and Processors across the globe.

At the MALG conference this year Telrock will be showcasing their digital collections solution – SmartCollect. The SmartCollect solution features a self-serve payments portal, with an optional Standard Financial Statement (SFS) compliant Income & Expenditure process, and campaign and messaging tools.

Peter Myatt

Peter is the CEO and founder of Bean. Bean connects to a user’s existing bank accounts to find, and cancel, unused subscriptions and proactively lower the amount spent by users on every day bills. Bean is helping users save hundreds of pounds every year and is to become the first of its kind to be regulated in the UK across financial and insurance products. Bean is currently tracking over £70m of consumer spending.

Prior to starting Bean, Peter was the Head of Strategy at ZPG Plc, the owners of Zoopla, uSwitch and At ZPG he helped the business through their IPO and led their acquisition of uSwitch. Peter has over a decade of experience in corporate strategy and is on a mission to make the management of personal finance as simple as possible.

At the MALG Conference 2017, Peter will be showcasing the app as part of the fintech demos session.

Roger Vincent

Roger is Head of Innovation at Equifax; a global information solutions company that uses trusted unique data, innovative analytics, technology and industry expertise to power organisations and individuals around the world. He joined the business in 2010 and currently works in the Data and Analytics function, specialising in the delivery of new and innovative solutions for the banking and financial services sector.

Roger has a background in credit risk analytics across both the retail banking and credit bureau space, and has a detailed knowledge of risk management practices within the consumer and commercial lending environments. With over 10 years of experience in the market, Roger is instrumental in helping Equifax to shape its global strategy for leveraging Open Banking Data.

He will be delivering the Open Banking session at the MALG Conference 2017.

Phil Grady

Phil is chief executive of Castlight Finance. His impressive track record in developing and growing businesses across the media and financial sectors, has been integral to Castlight launching their financial products and positioning them as market leaders within just two years.

As a former senior executive with Grant Thornton and chief operating officer of Creditfix, which is now the largest insolvency practitioner in the UK, Phil was instrumental in developing and driving the strategy that shaped these businesses into industry leaders.

He will be working alongside Roger Vincent of Equifax to deliver the Open Banking break-out session at the MALG Conference 2017.

Freddy Kelly

Freddy co-founded of Credit Kudos in 2015 as a solution to the problem of roughly 12% of the UK population being “under-banked”, forcing borrowers with no credit history to

turn to high cost credit. He developed Credit Kudos as a tool for using consumer transaction data to build highly accurate and transparent credit score-cards and affordability metrics, making decisioning possible for the previously “unbanked” as well as those with nonexistent or “thin” credit files.

Prior to founding Credit Kudos, Freddy completed a B.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Manchester, then moved to San Francisco to join the engineering team at Bitnami (YC W13). He was the first engineer at A16z-backed TXN, developing their transaction analytics platform.

Freddy will be delivering a ‘digital negotiation skills’ workshop at the MALG Conference 2017.

Daniel Reinhold

Daniel is Business Development Manager at Paylink Solutions, a cloud based tech company that gives financial service organisations the ability to on-board customers, manage underwriting and customer support, and provides a comprehensive transaction management solution.

He will jointly deliver the ‘digital negotiation skills’ workshop with Freddy Kelly at the MALG Conference 2017.


Greg Stevens

Greg is chief executive of the Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA). He has 25 years experience in consumer credit across all sectors but especially within the non standard finance sector. He has 40 years experience in Public Relations and Public Affairs across a broad spectrum of business sectors, and has his finger on the political and public policy pulse. He has been a lead person in three Competition Commission Inquiries, and regularly is in discussions with all regulatory stakeholders at the highest level.

He will be sitting on the high cost credit panel at the MALG Conference 2017 as a leading expert in this field.

Helen Undy

Helen is Head of External Affairs at the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute. She has a background in communications, campaigns and political influencing and joined the Institute from Relate, where she was Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager. She is passionate about mental health and previously led Mind’s policy and campaigns work on public mental health and social care as well as working for a number of different voluntary sector organisations and in Parliament.

She will be sitting on a panel on high cost credit at the MALG Conference 2017, sharing her insights on how high cost credit impacts upon those with mental health issues and can cause mental health issues.

Laura Rodrigues

Laura is Senior Public Policy Advocate at StepChange Debt Charity. She leads the charity’s policy and influencing work focusing particularly on high cost credit, credit cards, and overdrafts. Prior to this she worked at Citizens Advice in its financial services policy team and before that for children’s charities. She recently wrote a report on alternatives to high cost credit.

She will be sitting on a panel on high cost credit at the MALG Conference 2017.


David Haigh

David is Director of Financial Capability at the Money Advice Service. He is responsible for developing a strategy to harness collective impact and drive improvements in the way people manage their money. He has held a variety of senior strategic policy and leadership roles over the last decade, and was the Commercial Director at the Department for Health, responsible for developing a programme to improve the efficiency of the NHS.

David spent two years working in the Australian Treasury, leading the team in delivering the Budget and setting up the Clean Energy Investment Corporation. He also worked at the Department for Work and Pensions where he led the policy and legislation to deliver automatic enrolment into pension schemes.

He will sit on a panel about the future of financial capability at the MALG Conference 2017 alongside Anne Boden and David Hall (see below).

Anne Boden

Anne Boden is CEO and founder of Starling Bank, a fintech business with a banking license which Is creating an app that will replace the current account for a generation of mobile consumers. Prior to Starling, she was Chief Operating Officer of Allied Irish Banks Plc and Head of EMEA, Global Transaction Banking across 34 countries for RBS and ABN AMRO.

She has more than 30 years experience in banking, having begun her career at Lloyds Bank, before moving on to Standard Chartered Bank and then UBS in Zurich. She was recently recognised as one of the Global Power Women in FinTech.

At the MALG Conference 2017, she will sit on the ‘FinCap Future’ panel.

David Hall

David is Executive Director of Behaviour Change; a social enterprise which uses behavioural science to help people ‘do the right thing’. During a thirteen-year career in advertising, David created a series of step-changing campaigns; his multi award-winning strategy for Skoda helped transform perceptions of a car that had long been the butt of jokes. Since setting up Behaviour Change in 2009, he has gained a reputation as a leading thinker and researcher on tackling challenging behaviours, working with organisations including Wrigley, the National Trust, WRAP, the WI, B&Q, John Lewis and the School Food Plan.

Over the last three years, David has also been exploring how behavioural insight can be applied to financial inclusion and debt. In 2016, Behaviour Change received an innovation grant from the Money Advice Trust to develop new tools for money advisers and this project concluded with the launch of a ‘nudging tools for money advisers’ toolkit in July 2017.

He will sit on the ‘FinCap Future’ panel at MALG Conference 2017.

Chris Fitch

Chris Fitch, Vulnerability Lead at the Money Advice Trust and Research Fellow at Bristol University’s Personal Finance Research Centre, is one of the UK’s leading practitioners on vulnerability in the financial services, water, energy and retail sector. He has been instrumental in advancing understanding of the relationship between financial difficulty and mental health and sits on MALG’s Mental Health Working Party as a contributor to our Good Practice Awareness Guidelines for Consumers with Mental Health Conditions & Debt and Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form.

His most recent publications include guides on vulnerability in debt collection (March 2017) and vulnerability in lending (June 2017).

Chris will be delivering a vulnerability session at the MALG Conference 2017 with a very special guest (see below) who will help to set his latest research and thinking into context for advisers, creditors and collections professionals.

Alex Lewis

In November 2013, Alex Lewis, aged 33 and a father of one, collapsed and was rushed to Winchester ICU. His only symptom leading up to this was the common cold. Within a few hours of his collapse, his vital organs were being supported mechanically, his blood forced around his body with nora adrenalin. His chances of survival given by the consultants for the first 3 days was less than 3%. He had contracted Strep A which turned into Strep A Toxic Shock Syndrome, Septicaemia and Necrotising Fasciitis. This resulted in quadruple amputation and extensive skin grafts and facial reconstruction as the infection ravaged his face and mouth as well as his limbs. 

Alex now gives “A Minor Setback” motivational talks, in which he looks at dealing with change positively and turning obstacles into opportunities by accepting the things you can’t change and changing the things you can. Alex will deliver the vulnerability workshop at the MALG Conference alongside Chris Fitch to help us questions definitions of vulnerability and understand more about the challenges different people in vulnerable situations face.

Gareth McNab

Gareth has worked with people in financial difficulty for more than ten years.  He ran the collections department at a building society while running a debt advice charity and a trustee at a local Citizens Advice Bureau, and is now Money Advice Liaison Manager at Nationwide Building Society.  In this role, he seeks to improve the experience of Nationwide members experiencing financial difficulty – through learning from the experience of debt advice organisations, leading in creditor best practice, and collaborating in industry initiatives.

As an active MALG member, Gareth will deliver the ‘summing up’ session at the MALG Conference 2017, highlighting the next steps for joint action coming out of the day’s discussions.

Lee Usher

Lee is Debt Advice Strategy Manager at Computershare UK, a global market leader in transfer agency and share registration, employee equity plans, mortgage servicing, proxy solicitation and stakeholder communications. Computershare also specialises in a range of other diversified financial and governance services and is a trusted partner of the UK Government. .

Lee designs and delivers the Computershare Debt Advice strategy and will be giving a talk at the MALG Conference 2017 about how Computershare have benefited from MALG National Business Membership.

Stuart Laidler

Stuart has worked in the financial sector since 2010, joining UK Asset Resolution’s Strategy department. From 2014 he has specialised in Debt Advice Policy, and currently works for Computershare Loan Services.

At the MALG Conference 2017, as well as exhibiting, he will be launching the Computershare ‘Loan Services Charity Donations Fund’.


Alistair Chisholm

Alistair is Head of Advice Sector Policy and Partnerships at Payplan, which offers free debt management services. He is responsible for Payplan’s work to improve policies and practices that affect people in financial difficulty and for developing partnerships with other organisations in the fee debt advice sector.

At the MALG Conference 2017, he will be launching a joint report by Payplan and the Institute of Money Advisers entitled ‘Council Tax & Imprisonment – Time to Think Again?’